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You may have enjoyed watching our annual parades in May and June, or taken part in our December holiday celebration. You may have seen us in action, responding to an emergency – a house fire, an accident on the Parkway, downed wires during a storm, a CO detector warning residents of imminent danger, or an assist to anyone in their time of need. You may have been on the receiving end of our services, and experienced firsthand the value of what we do. Whatever the occasion, you’ve seen us rise to it, time and time again. And we’ll continue to be there. But, we need your help. Please consider joining the Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department.

It’s a step you’ll never regret taking!


How the Department functions

While we all work with a common goal, every operating unit in our Department has an area of specialization. Our two pumpers Engine 91 & Engine 90 have primary responsibility for securing a water supply, locating the source of a fire and then suppressing it – “getting the wet stuff on the red stuff!” Tower Ladder 5 handles “roof work”, such as ventilating a roof to let smoke and heat escape from within a building, as well as conducting searches for victims, and then getting them out safely. Rescue 47 carries the “jaws of life,” equipment used to free victims trapped in car crashes, and is prepared to deal with a host of other emergencies. Our youth organization, the Junior Corps, for members under 18, gives the youth of Pleasantville an excellent opportunity to learn teamwork skills and mature into responsible, community-focused adults.
Within each unit, there are different areas of firefighting responsibility, each with its own level of training. As an Exterior Firefighter, you would handle a multitude of critical tasks on the fire ground, but would not enter burning buildings. That’s reserved for the next level up, Interior Firefighter. Receiving additional training, an Interior-rated Firefighter actively advances hose lines within a building, locates the source of the fire and knocks it down. Rescue functions are also performed by Interior Firefighters, who may also choose to become members of our FAST Team. The FAST Team is ready for action should a Firefighter encounter an emergency themselves while performing their duties. They “rescue the rescuer.” With specialized training you could become an Apparatus Operator for one or more of the apparatus our Department operates.

Finally, you could enter the chain of command, by becoming a Company Officer. While there are certain minimum commitments, how far you go and how much you get involved is entirely up to you. The point is, you choose what you want to be, and it will fit within the time you have available. Affiliated with the Department is a group of equally dedicated volunteers, the Auxiliary, who support our activities throughout the year. We also host the Pleasantville Fire Department Band, a group that provides the rhythm when we step out on parade and music to the community throughout the year.

Come stop in any Monday at 7PM.

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